UAE Driving License

its always every man’s dream to have a driving licence so that he can
fly like a free bird, but most of them don’t know the steps to apply for
it and the procedures required. Even at the time of applying, i knew
nothing, nobody gave me a clear picture. So i hope this blog will help
you apply for driving licence in sharjah. Lets drive together 


This is a simple guide line to take United Arab Emirates Driving Licence
from Sharjah.

A person having Sharjah Visa can only apply for driving licence in
sharjah, Also if you are having Visa other then Sharjah but your company
have branch in Sharjah you can apply driving license in Sharjah. Female
having husband /Father Visa can apply with their tenancy agreement.

people with dubai visa can apply in dubai, people with Ajman visa can
apply in Ajman, etc. Also a person with any emirate visa can apply in
Also if you are having sharjah visa and your company has a branch in
dubai too, then you will be able to apply in dubai even if your visa is
stamped in sharjah or any other emirate.