Computer Immigration Card copy and NOC verification for driving license

The Computer immigration card copy is compulsery document for applying
driving license in Sharjah UAE, your NOC and Computer card copy
signature should be same otherwise you will be in trouble to open
driving license file in Sharjah UAE.

If the كفيل kafeel (sponsor) himself is the one who signed in the NOC,
then please ignore the below part.
One of the possible things to be noted is that if the sponsor is a lady
and if she has given “wakkalah” – authority of signature – to her
husband or son, and if the sign in the NOC is done by the husband or the
son (or the person whom she had given wakkalah), then you have to
produce the copy of wakkalah and the sign sample document of the husband
or son (his Emirates id or passport).
So take care to produce his emirates id (or passport or equivalent
document to prove his sign) and the copy of wakkalah.

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