Navigating Traffic File Procedures in Sharjah with a Resident Visa from Another Emirates

If you find yourself in the situation of wanting to open a traffic file in Sharjah while holding a resident visa issued from another emirate in the UAE, there’s no need to worry. Sharjah has a straightforward process in place, offering two viable options to help you navigate this scenario seamlessly.

Option 1: Tenancy Contract in Sharjah
If you have a tenancy contract in Sharjah under your name, this option will be the key to opening a traffic file in the emirate. Having a residential agreement establishes a connection to Sharjah and allows you to proceed with the necessary steps. Make sure that the tenancy contract is in your name to facilitate the process.

Option 2: Same Company, Different Emirate
If your resident visa is issued from a different emirate, but your employer has a branch in Sharjah, you can opt for this second route. To do so, you will need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Sharjah branch of your company. This document serves as confirmation that you are employed by the company and are working in their Sharjah location.

Step-by-Step Guide:
To guide you through the process, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Option 1: Tenancy Contract in Sharjah
  • Ensure you have a valid tenancy contract in Sharjah, registered under your name.
  • Gather the necessary documents, including your Emirates ID, passport, and visa.
  1. Option 2: Same Company, Different Emirate
  • Contact the Sharjah branch of your employer and request an NOC for opening a traffic file.
  • Provide the required documents, such as your Emirates ID, passport, visa, and any additional paperwork requested by the company.
  1. Visit the Traffic Department:
  • Once you have the relevant documents, head to the Sharjah Traffic Department.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the traffic officers and present all required paperwork.
  1. Pay the Fees:
  • Be prepared to pay any applicable fees for opening the traffic file.
  1. Complete the Process:
  • Follow the remaining steps and complete any additional requirements specified by the Sharjah Traffic Department.

For a more detailed guide and access to relevant forms, follow this link.

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Opening a traffic file in Sharjah with a resident visa issued from another emirate is entirely manageable. Whether you choose to secure a tenancy contract or obtain an NOC from your company’s Sharjah branch, following the outlined steps will ensure a smooth and efficient process. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, the Sharjah Traffic Department is there to help.