Congratulations Arsalan for passing and getting your Sharjah UAE driving license


My Happy Student

Hi Everyone, i want to share my story of getting driving license from Al Midfa DS sharjah. My journey started with Sir Javed and he coached me in my parking training and i passed it in first attempt. I found Sir Javed very kind and well mannered and professional he guided me so well. Then unfortunately he had to visit home country for a while and i got transferred to new teacher, Mr. Haseeb Sarwar. Before signing with Sir Javed i tried to get training from Haseeb sir but his schedule was already full which was a sign, how good teacher he is but finally i got my chance to have training under him and to be honest i will give this man 10/10 bcz he is real gem of a person beside teaching skills. ❤❤ He always guided me so well and he gave me confidence on road which i was lacking. He also give you understanding of vehicle tools and tricks. He gave me pick and drop service and he always schedule my classes whenever and wherever i wanted to have which was a great deal for me due to my office timings. Finally i got my Driving license yesterday 😍😍😍
Abu Dhabi UAE