Get UAE Driving License

I have trained  many satisfied students in Sharjah UAE, most of them get driving license at First Attempt

Congratulations on Your Driver's License

3 Easy Steps to Get UAE Driving License

Follow below three steps to start your journey in Sharjah

Traffic File

First Step is opening a traffic file in Sharjah to Obtain UAE Driving License

Theory Exam

After File opening you have to Pass theory exam at Sharjah Driving Institute

Practical Class

All Done its time for practical Class Give me Call

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Finally, my dream came true as I got my license so happiness is spilling over.

Here, I would like offer my special thanks to my instructor Mr. Hasib Sarwar. Its my previledg to admit that his tricks & tips are helped me to get through from final test otherwise I wouldn’t. I found him a great teacher becouse I learned so many things which are not just for passing the test but how safe the driving should be when acompany with family & friends.

Many thanks again to Mr. Hasib

Sagar Gaikwad

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